Course Procedure


1. The course will be structured as a 12-week course.


Prior to the beginning of the course,


a. Students will become acquainted through posting personal information on the "Student Homepage."

b. Each student will post a brief statement of what they understand the central content of the Christian message to be and c. brief statement of personal goals for the course on the "Introductory Comments" Discussion Board.

d. Each student will post a brief response to at least one other student.

e. Students will be organized into working groups of 3 to 6 students each.


2. The course will have four units:


Introduction and Prolegomena, 3 weeks

First Article, 3 weeks

Second Article, 3 weeks

Third Article, 4 weeks.


The first two or three weeks of each unit will focus on reading and reflection.

The final week of each unit will focus on individual and small group work.

For details, see under "Student Tasks."

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